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Historical Craft Workshops

All workshops are for ages 12+ (ask instructor for possible exceptions).


Busy Bee: Embroidery

Saturday, January 7 2023 9AM-12PM
$30/$20 for SAA members

This workshop is for all embroiderers whether they are beginners or have any degree of embroidery skill. Instruction will be given on how to use unexpected
fabric choices to learn embroidery or to use the skills you already have in a different way. Instruction will be for one project in the workshop with samples and suggestions for others provided.


Victorian Valentine Cards

Saturday, February 4, 2023 9AM-12PM
$30/$20 for SAA members

This session offers information about the general history of valentines, Helen E. Condell's extensive collection of valentines (granddaughter of Helen and Benjamin Edwards; the collection held by Illinois State Museum), and illustrations of original Victorian/Civil War era cards and envelopes. Participants will have the opportunity to construct their own Victorian valentines in much the same way in which they would have been in the 1800s.


Spool Knitting

Saturday, March 4, 2023 9AM-12PM
$30/$20 for SAA members

This workshop offers instruction in the basics of spool knitting, which can be everything from using a simple knitting Nancy with four pegs to working with a multi-peg loom to produce hats, scarves, and larger items. Some people find spool knitting to be a less stressful way to knit while others others use it as a step to learning traditional needle knitting.

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