Camp Edwards Place 2020

Camp Edwards Place is where your child can indulge their love of history at a home that is truly a Springfield treasure. There are a number of camps they can join that all take place in and around this 1833 historic home in the heart of one of our oldest neighborhoods. We have camps for many different age groups.

Registration is March 2 for Springfield Art Association members and March 5 for non-members.

3rd-5th Grade Camps

Civil War Encampment, 3rd - 5th Grade

$130/Non-Members. $100/ Members

July 6 - 10: 9 AM - NOON, Edwards Place. 



This camp takes kids back to 1860 to learn some of the skills that soldiers learned during the Civil War. Learn about battles, 19th century medical aid, what soldiers did outside of battles, and more. This camp is immersive and participatory, and primarily takes place outside on Edwards Place’s front lawn. (Children will learn about civil war era weapons.)

Life in the 19th Century, 3rd - 5th Grade

$130/ Non-Members. $100/ Members

July 20 - 24 : 9 AM - NOON, Edwards Place. 


You will have the opportunity to go back in time and imagine what it was like to live at Edwards Place in the 19th century.  Themes to be explored include Home Life, School, Chores, Manners, and more.  Enjoy fun activities such as making butter, playing 19th century games, and dipping candles.  Campers will have the opportunity to learn and play inside Historic Edwards Place.

6th-8th Grade & High School Camps

Historical Sewing, 6th - 8th Grade

$130/Non-Members. $100/Members

June 29 - July 3: 9 AM - Noon. Edwards Place 

This history camp teaches some of the basics of hand-sewing. Campers will sew their own petticoat, one of the essential undergarments for historic clothing. They will learn about sewing hems, pleats, and trim while creating a garment for themselves. A side project will be to create a reticule, a small bag carried by women in the 19th century. This bag is totally customizable and uses the skills the campers have learned throughout the week. They will be able to take home their creations at the end of the week. 

Historical Cooking, 6th - 8th Grade & High School

$130/Non-Members. $100/Members
July 13 - 17: 9 AM - Noon and July 27 - 31: 9 AM - Noon. Edwards Place 

Campers will learn about some typical 19th century meals from actual Edwards family recipes, while getting the opportunity to try their hand at cooking them! By the end of the week, campers will gain knowledge of cooking skills, can try their own creations, and get to take home recipes from the camp to try at home.

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