Upcoming Events:

Whacked at the Edwards Place Hideout

VIRTUAL Murder Mystery

Saturday, October 17, 7PM over Zoom
$5 per group to receive Zoom link

An important meeting between rival mob bosses and madams is taking place at Edwards Place in the 1920s. During the post-meeting party, a mob boss is killed in grisly fashion! Guests will need to put their detective skills to the test to discover which of the six suspects is the murderer.  

$5 will get you an emailed link to the Zoom session. This entry fee includes everyone in your group and helps offset running costs of the production. 1920s attire (flappers, gangsters) is encouraged, even from your home. If you, your friends, and family decide to dress up for this event, we would love to see photos that we could post on social media!

This event directly assists in our mission to preserve and interpret historic Edwards Place. Thank you for your support!

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