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Back for a limited time!

Historical Cooking Kits

For a limited time, the popular historical cooking make kits are back on sale for pre-order, just in time for the holidays! These kits include all ingredients for themed historical recipes and cookbooks that include not only the recipes for that specific kit, but also the recipes for the other two historical cooking kits. The only things you need to provide are the kitchen supplies for these meals.

Cooking Kits are available for pre-order through December 19 at 9AM. Pick up will be December 21-23, 9AM-5PM each day. Note that SAA is closed December 24-January 2, so kits must be picked up by the 23rd at 5PM, because of the perishable ingredients. Refunds will not be issued after December 19 at 10AM.

Edwards Place Kitchen has been approved by the Sangamon County Department of Public Health for handling of dry goods and cold-held goods.

​Appropriate for ages 13+, or younger with parental supervision.

This kit includes all ingredients for two historical sweet-tooth recipes: lemon candy and bread pudding.

Historical Cooking: Sweet-Tooth

$20/$15 for SAA Members

Pre-order through December 19 at 10AM

Pick up December 21-23 9AM-5PM

Historical Cooking: Comfort Foods

$20/$15 for SAA Members

Pre-order through December 19 at 10AM

Pick up December 21-23 9AM-5PM

This kit includes all ingredients for two historical comfort foods recipes: dressed macaroni (an early form of mac and cheese) and French rolls. 

Historical Cooking: Breakfast

$20/$15 for SAA Members

Pre-order through December 19 at 10AM

Pick up December 21-23 9AM-5PM

This kit includes all ingredients for three historical breakfast recipes: breakfast corn cakes, potato fritters, and butter biscuits.

Welcome To Mrs. Edwards' Armoire

Mrs. Edwards' Armoire is a gift shop at Edwards Place started in late 2018. We do not have an online shop set up for most merchandise, but you can contact the Curator of Collections and Interpretation, Sarah Adams, if you would like to order an item by mail or for pick up. Standard shipping prices will be added to the price of the item for all mailed pieces.

Mrs. Edwards' Armoire is open during all Edwards Place tours and events and upon request. Come visit us to take home one of our SAA produced items, books by local authors, or handmade craft made by local artists.


UNSolved: An Edwards Place Murder Mystery Game

2nd Edition Now On Sale!

$35/$30 SAA Members


Number of Players: 3-7
Time of Play: 1 hour
Ages: 8+
A game made by the Springfield Art Association

Premise: We enter the scene at Edwards Place mansion in the 19th century. A mystery host, A. P. “Red” DeClaws is holding a soiree for local movers and shakers. Before the party can begin, he is murdered in the Servant Hall! A Pinkerton Detective, Nancy Hawkshaw, unmasks herself and marks off the crime scene. She informs the guests that A. P. “Red” DeClaws had only used an alias – an anagram of Edwards Place – and had invited many of the guests because of a hidden history they have shared. Hawkshaw has named all of those guests as suspects in her investigation! 

Your Objective: You are one of six suspects trying to avoid being accused of murder, with one other player playing as the detective. One of the six suspects is the murderer, but the other players can be implicated in the crime, so don’t get caught with your clues! If the detective player catches you with all three of your clues, she accuses you of the crime even if you are innocent, and the true murderer may go free!

You can purchase our Make Kits online by clicking on the square with the kit you like!

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