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Attic Exhibit Space Wish List

The attic of Edwards Place was home to the servants. It must have been cold in the winter and brutally hot in the summer. Right now, we are fundraising to clean and furnish the space as the servants' quarters and add it to tours. The biggest expense is to sand and seal the floors. See more about this project at the Springfield Art Association website

We have a "wish list" of artifacts that we would like to furnish the space. Please contact our curator Sarah at or 217-523-2631 if you have one of these items you would like to donate! We are searching for items within an 1850s-1870s time period of simple build.


Side table


Small lockbox

Framed religious verse

Toilet set with wash basin

Mending, polishing, darning, etc. supplies

Small lamp

Pieces of calling bell system

Cheap magazines or novels

Small table

Cards or similar inexpensive game

Table for ironing

Whiskey bottle with a couple of glasses 

Edwards Place Archaeology with Floyd Mansberger

This video was taken from a Facebook Live recording of this lecture given on January 27, 2022 at the M. G. Nelson Gallery, Springfield Art Association. 

In anticipation of the construction of a new Studio workshop in the rear of Edwards Place, investigations were conducted in October 2017 to determine if any significant archaeological resources were to be impacted by the proposed construction. The archaeological investigations uncovered the well-preserved remains of a brick-lined privy pit. The large and diverse assemblage of artifacts contributes significantly to our understanding of the Edwards family during these pre-Civil War Years, and gives us new insights into the daily lifestyle of the upscale, and politically connected, Springfield family.

Fever River Research is a Cultural Resource Management (CRM) firm located in Springfield, Illinois. Established in 1984, the firm specializes in CRM projects that are associated with historic properties that date to the recent past. They conduct a variety of projects that include historical archaeology, architectural studies, National Register of Historic Places nominations, and traditional history.


Over the past nearly 40 years, Floyd Mansberger has participated in a variety of CRM projects such as archaeological and architectural surveys, archaeological excavations, and archival research as well as preparing historic structure reports for historic buildings. Mansberger has published articles on his research in such journals as Illinois Archaeology, Transactions of the Pioneer America Society, Historic Illinois, Wisconsin Archaeologist, Agricultural History, Journal of the Illinois Geographical Society, and Western Illinois Regional Studies.

Historic Edwards Place Exterior Restoration

Built in 1833, remodeled in 1857, and home to the Springfield Art Association in 1913;

Edwards Place has served as the Edwards family residence and center of Springfield's

social scene, art gallery and classroom space, and now as historic house museum.

From 2013-2018, the home's interiors were completely restored to its 1857
appearance (you can find more information about the interior restoration here). We are
now working to restore the exterior of Edwards Place to protect this work and the
important artifacts the home holds, and ensure it's done with historical accuracy. The
$300,000 restoration process will include:

  • Reconstructing the 36 original windows of Edwards Place
    While the windows were completely repaired and restored from the interior, the
    exterior wood has weathered nearly 200 years from the elements.

  • Installing 36 storm windows to protect the reconstructed windows. These will
    also help to create a more stable interior environment.

  • Tuckpointing and brick repair to address damaged mortar and leaks

  • Back porch roof and fascia repairs to address water damage and correct
    future water flow (shown in top left photo).

  • Repainting the home to its original color, which is not pink! The accurate color
    for the home is a shade of tan. 

  • Replicating the top porch railings and cupola spire, original to the house
    (shown in images).

  • Historically accurate planters and landscaping

Edited Image 2015-5-26-16:54:19

Work is finished on the back porch roof
and fascia repairs!


Tuckpointing the house and closure of the entrance to the north cellar is completed!

Completed by Eddington Masonry and Bricklaying


Work is underway on repairing the windows and adding in storm windows.

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