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Donors to Edwards Place

The Springfield Art Association has been overwhelmed at the generosity of its friends, members, and neighbors, who have donated their time and resources to the cause of restoring Edwards Place to the grandeur of its heyday. The result is an historic site that is not just a memorial to the people and events of the past,  but a living monument to the spirit of generosity and community that made its restoration possible.

Special thanks must be extended to Mr. Tom Jeffris and the JEFFRIS FAMILY FOUNDATION. Headquartered in Janesville, Wisconsin, its mission is to preserve the cultural history and heritage of the Midwest through the preservation of regionally and nationally important historic buildings and decorative arts projects. Without the Foundation’s generous award of a planning grant and two challenge grants, this restoration would not have been possible.

Thanks also to PATRICIA AND DON ALTORFER, whose generous contribution allowed us to reach our fundraising goal two years ahead of schedule.  We are deeply grateful to your continued support of and belief in Edwards Place and the Springfield Art Association.

The Art Association is also grateful to the THE SHELBY CULLOM DAVIS CHARITABLE FUND for its support of this project. Benjamin S. Edwards was the law mentor of Shelby Cullom Davis’s distinguished ancestor, Illinois Governor Shelby Cullom. 

Finally, the Art Association would like to thank THE COMMUNITY FUND OF THE LAND OF LINCOLN for the award of an historic preservation grant to support the reproduction of historic wallpaper.

Dawn and Jim Abraham
Leslie and Angie Acakpo-Satchivi
Sarah and Bryan Albracht
Ingrid Alexander
Shawn Andrews and Clay Crocker
Anonymous Donors
Judy and Jim Antonacci
Dr. Jane and Steven Arbuthnot
Kathy and Michael Badger
Kate and Joe Baima
Bonnie A. Barber
Judith Barringer and Rich Kerhlikar
       In Memory of Winifred Barringer
Jennifer Baur
       In Memory of Jim Baur
Sandy Bellatti
Marjorie Berchtold
Mary Lynn Perkins and Jim Bertram
Jennifer and Chad Bettis
Elaine Birtch
        In Memory of Dr. Alan Birtch
Mark Birtch and Kim Elliott-Birtch
Beverly Brekke-Bailey
Pam and James Brown
Hillary Bunn
Sarah and Bob Bunn
Mary Beth and Bob Burke
Larry A. Bussard
Frank Butterfield
Ryan Cadagin
Gael Carnes
Joan and Don Casper
        In Memory of Aletha Staab
Octavia and Peter Casper, Sr.
Kristin  and Peter Cavanagh
Julie and Bill Cellini
Denise Church

Lindsey Arbuthnot Clancey

Community Foundation for the Land of       Lincoln
Anna and Timothy Daly
Carolyn Davis
Shelby Cullom Davis Charitable Fund
Megan Davis Flanary
Bonnie and Douglas Dee
Paula and Thomas Denny
Barbara Dickerman
Lori and David Dodwell
Betsy Dollar
Jana Van Fossan Dreyzehner and John         Dreyzehner
        In Memory of Vickie Van Fossan
Carolyn and Dan Dungan
Myto Duong
R.W. Troxell & Company
Tad Edwards
Joyce and Jim Edwards
         In Memory of Julia Edwards
Diane and Jim Edwards
Jennifer and Jeff Egizii
Shelly and Chris Ehrlich
Susan and Bill Enlow
Enos Park Neighborhood Association
Bronwyn and Bill Eves
Phyllis and George Fairchild
Daniel Farmer
Fletcher Farrar and Mary Jessup
Dave, Ruth, and Nora Fickes
Hazen and Roland Folse
Carla Kloppenburg Foreman
Eleanor and Fred Frank
Roy French
Kelsi Frost
Ann and Farrell Gay
Katherine and Randy Germeraad

Jeff and Susan Gibbs
Ed Gonet, Gonet Designs Corporation
Patricia and Donald Graham
Taryn and Sean Grant
Amy and Shane Harris
Barbara Hartman
Lynn and Harris Hatcher
             In Memory of Clarice Hickox
Barbara and John Hayes
Margaret Suggs Herath
Nancy Roberts Herndon
             In Memory of Florence Grigsby                        Roberts
Mary Lou Hicks and Cathy Yeaman
Joseph Hills
Erika Holst and Christopher Schnell
         In Memory of Jim and Ingeborg Rozinek
Betty and Ralph Hurwitz
Illinois Prairie Pastel Society
Jane and Steve Jackman
Renee and Bradley Johnsen
          In Honor of  Barbara Brunk Harris
Kerianne and Kyle Johnson
          In Honor of Judy Johnson
Cindy Jordan
Julie and Scott Kaiser
Sandra Yeh and Gregory Kane
Jackie and Mike Kelly
Marilyn Schnirring Kennedy
Kirsten and Joe Kienzler
Cinda Schien-Kincade, Courtney, and Christopher Kincade
           In Honor of June and Lou Myers
Lynn and George King
Dana and Steve Kinion
Margaret Kirschner
Chris Klaus
Ban Kloppenburg
Margot Kramer

Ann Kramer
Julie and Tom Krehbiel
             In Memory of Bruce Ratterree
Cyd and Rob LaBonte
Allison Lacher and Nathan Steele
Bill Lazarus
Rosemary and Bob Leistner
Meaghan Lloyd
Jane, Lucy, and Phil Locascio
Marissa Gibbs Lorance
Elly and Boyd Mackus
Tracey Maras
          In Memory of Betsy Carlson
Sally and Russ Martin
Marilyn M. Maurer
Lisa and Chris McDowell
Diane McEvoy
Debbie and Ted Megginson
Kelly and Matt Minder
Janet and Leon Mizeur
Linda and Kriegh Moulton
Elizabeth and Sergio Murer
Mrs. Phillip G. Murray
Gavin Myers
The Louis Shaver Myers Family
Teena and Michael Myers
Terri and Steve Myers
Katherine C. Narmont
Christine Niemann
Gail Noll and John Milhiser
Theresa O'Hare
Lynne and Paul O'Shea
Carl Ostermeier
Rebecca and Richard Owens
Carolyn Oxtoby
Margie Paoletti
Sherry and Jim Park

J'Amy and Bill Payne

Mary and Harold Perkins
             In Memory of Dr. and Mrs. Emmet                Pearson and Thomas Pearson
Carole and Phillip Peterson
Marci and Nick Petropoulos
Melinda Bunn Pfeffer
Alice Prickett
Sheri and Don Ramsey
Miner Raymond
Sarah Elizabeth Reid
Bitsy and Bill Reisch
Priscilla Reyhan
Rose Marie Roach
Sula and Mark Roberts, Jr.
Elizabeth and Henry Rohs
Alice and David Rolf
Jourdan Rothschild
David Reid and Dr. Beth Strow
Anthony Rubano
Peggy and Tom Ryder
Sue and Steve Scaife
Maureen and Robert Schaaf
Craig Schermerhorn
Lori and Bill Schlosser
Martha C. Schneerman
Lisa Schnell
            In Memory of Margit Rogers
Kathy and Milton Sees
Carole and James Shay
Larry Shiner and Catherine Walters
Marsha Shomidie
Jennifer Simons
Dianne O'Keefe Simpson
Elizabeth Small and Stanley Herrin
Mary-Leigh Call Smart
            In Memory of Mary B. Call
Michael John Smith

Donna J. Solomon
Polly Spengler
Spoon River Group
Springfield Electric Supply Company  
    Fund of the Community Foundation for        the Land of Lincoln
Mary and David Stjern
Lisa and Stephen Stone
E. Cori Stuart
Guerry Suggs and Jo Alessandrini
Nicky Stratton
Neta and Stephen Tagge
John Terril, Terril & Company
Susan Ostermeier Tesar
Evelyn Brandt Thomas
Rachael and Mike Thomson
Susan Thrasher
          In Memory of Drs. Ann and Raymond           Pearson
Springfield Tracy Fund of the Community             Foundation for the Land of Lincoln
Mary and Bob Trask
Eloise and Don Van Fossan
Barbara Walker
Carole and Don Walton
Kate and Justin Ward
Karen and Bob Westbrook
Diana Widicus and Michael Davis
Martha Clements Wilday
          In Memory of Doris Kruse Clements
Linda and Brett Wolters

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