SAA History Room

The Room

This space is one of the only spaces in Edwards Place not interpreted to 1857. Instead, this is our Springfield Art Association History Room, covering our history from 1913 to today. The SAA was founded in 1913, and has a long history (over 100 years!) of supporting the arts in Springfield and the surrounding area. The space holds exhibits on founding documents, materials from exhibits and functions, and some of our Fine Art Collection.

This is also the room where we have our gift shop, "Mrs. Edwards' Armoire." Most of the items in our gift shop are made by local artists. We also have many things that are about Edwards Place, from our book to postcards to a game we have recreated called "Peter Coddles". Our items are unique and a great treat to take home as a souvenir.


Items from the Beaux Arts Ball, a society ball held every Saturday after Thanksgiving since 1930.

Bookcase and cupboard given by Dr. and Mrs. Emmet F. Pearson,
c. 1870

Woman with a Monkey

Ethel Mars

Sardine Boats, Brittany

C. A. Slade

Portrait of a Lady

Henry Salem Hubbell


Lilian Scalzo


Lilian Scalzo