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"Whacked at the Edwards Place Hideout" Spring Murder Mystery

Directed by Justine Moser

Edwards Place exterior with crime tape across front reading "Crime Scene Do Not Cross"


10 AM - 12 PM, Saturday, March 7, 2020

10 AM - 12 PM, Saturday, March 14, 2020

at Edwards Place
700 North 4th St., Springfield, IL  62702


Roles available: 5 feminine, 4 masculine. No experience is necessary. These roles are part scripted, part improvisation.


Performance dates:

May 1, 2 at 6:30 PM

May 3 at 4:30 PM

The premise: 

An important meeting between rival mob bosses and madams is taking place at Edwards Place in the 1920s. During the post-meeting party, a mob boss is killed in grisly fashion! Guests will need to put their detective skills to the test to discover which of the six suspects is the murderer.  


Detective Ellie "The Doll" Hayes: The detective is a mole in organized crime and actually an undercover Pinkerton agent. Very "noir" acting, tries to be serious - the "straight man" of the show.

Assistant Detective Olive Sweets: Flapper friend of the Detective. She is low-level in the mob, but a "good girl". She is sweet, just like her name. Has a forgiving temperament.

Murder victim:

Vito "The Boss" Vitale: Italian mob boss. He has many affairs, is loose with his money, and thinks he is untouchable. Powerful personality.


Natasha "The Madame" Krovopuskov: Madam of a local gentleman's club. A lingerie shop is her cover for what she really does. She has a dead husband named Boris. Imposing presence. 

Anastasia "The Wolf" Volkov: Younger than The Madame. Ex-lover of The Boss. She is more like a fox than a wolf - sly and sneaky. Can be two-faced to get what she wants. Clever.

Patrick "The Butcher" O'Leary: Whiskey runner with a front as a butcher (hence the nickname). Competitive and ambitious.

Willy "Cannonball" O'Connor: Underling for The Butcher. He is rough around the edges and known for violent tendencies.

Antony "Fat Tony" Pizzaro: Advisor and left-hand man to murder victim. He is smart and is the brains behind a lot of Vitale family dealings. 

Valentina Vitale: Wife of The Boss. She puts up with her husband's affairs but looks down on him. She tries not to show it in public, but she resents The Boss. Marriage of alliance, not love.

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