Edwards Place exterior. Two horse-drawn carriages approach the home from a large lawn. A crowd dressed in 19th century attire stand in front of the home. Trees are around the side and back of thehome, some with leaves, some without.
A long table covered in a tablecloth and full table settig of glass and china. 12 chairs are around the table. Two ornate chairs are in the back two corners. Edwards Place Library.
Springfield Art Association logo. A palette with "SAA" designed into it with he words "visual art center" below.

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Sitting Room

Family sitting room of Edwards Place, with a small table in the center with chairs, a rocking chair and another chair in two corners. A portrait of Benjamin Edwards is above a stone fireplace and oval photos are to the side, above one of the chairs. A whatnot is behind the rocking chair with decorative items on it. To the very left is a pier mirror between the two front windows, which are covered in thick, ornate curtains.