Edwards Place is closed for restoration!

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Edwards Place Front Photo

Edwards Place must-see site for anyone who loves old houses, antiques, archaeology, or Abraham Lincoln!
This stunning antebellum mansion tells the story of social and cultural life in Abraham Lincoln’s Springfield, Illinois.

Edwards Place was the home of attorney Benjamin Edwards, youngest son of Governor Ninian Edwards and brother-in-law of Mary Lincoln’s sister Elizabeth. In the years before the Civil War prominent citizens such as Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas were entertained at lavish dinner parties and legislative receptions.

Your guided tour of Edwards Place will take you back in time to experience social and family life in 19th century Springfield. This 4500 square foot mansion features nine rooms restored to their mid-19th century appearance, complete with original and local furnishings. You’ll see historic treasures including a rare piano which belonged to a colorful early Congressman, important portraits of 19th century Springfield residents, and artifacts from Abraham Lincoln’s in-laws, including the “courting couch” on which Lincoln and Mary Todd sat during the early days of their romance.

Edwards Place has begun full-scale interior restoration of its first floor. Learn more or donate to the project here!


Edwards Place is home of the "courting couch," where Abraham Lincoln and Mary Todd sat during their courtship.

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